Vertical Gardens are a perfect solution for growing in limited spaces, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Also known as live green walls, a well-designed vertical garden can instantly light up the surrounding. Despite the attractive benefits and the beauty, it presents, vertical growing comes with the additional burden of difficulty in maintenance of the plants at heights. The Vertical Gardens we see today are mostly made from plastic pots, which are inherent with many drawbacks. Addressing the drawbacks of the conventional “plastic pot vertical gardens”, we have researched and developed “SkyGrow Fabric Vertical Gardens”, reinforced with a steel structure to make your dream vertical garden a reality.

SkyGrow- Technology


SkyGrow Vertical Garden Structures are easy to install thanks to our unique Prefabricated Fabric Pocket Structure that comes with a built in Micro irrigation System.

Addition of multiple Prefabricated Structures together can create limitless Vertical Garden designs in different sizes.


Our Prefabricated SkyGrow Vertical Garden Structures are made using a purpose-built, UV resistant, high tenacity fabric that is made in Italy

The Fabric Panels are reinforced with a specially engineered steel structure which is extremely durable.

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3. Breathable Pots

Our fabric pots are permeable which allows air to flow in from the entire pot wall system enabling healthy root growth.

Sri lanka, Skygrow, Skytech Engineering, Growbags, drip irrigation
4. Efficient Water Drainage

SkyGrow fabric vertical garden solutions are designed to easily drain out the excess water through its highly permeable fabric pot walls system. Thus, excess water is never retained to disturb the healthy root growth.

Conventional plastic pots, however, do not transfer the excess water this efficiently and in most cases pot holes also get blocked from the compressed pot soil or overgrown roots, damaging the root structure.

Sri lanka, Skygrow, Skytech Engineering, Growbags, drip irrigation
5. Better Heat Insulation

The air barrier created by the thick fabric wall blocks the outside heat getting transferred to the pot soil and root structure. Whereas in conventional plastic pots, outside heat get absorbed into the pot wall and get transferred to the soil damaging the root structure.

Better Heat Insulation

SkyGrow vertical gardens are designed to work with an embedded Drip Irrigation system that controls the water flow within the entire plant structure.

Automation or the drip irrigation system is optional.

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7. Unlimited Flexibility for Unlimited Shapes & Design Options

Thanks to the unique fabric wall panels, SkyGrow can be customized to match any curved or straight design.

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Our 6-inch pouch can be used to pre grow suitable plants in nurseries and nurture them until the installation of structures are completed and this process will speed-up and enhance the installation and maintenance of live plants.


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