Save the Beach with WAVEPLUS

WAVEPLUS Sand bags are specially designed to resist sea erosion and to preserve the beaches for recreational activities. It withstands powerful waves, thanks to the special bag design which takes up to 6 tons of sand in a single bag. These bags are extremely durable in the marine environment, exposed to heavy sunlight.

Main Advantages of Our WAVEPLUS Sandbags

1. Eco Friendly
WAVEPLUS sandbags are environment friendly, as can be evidenced by the activities of various species of “crustaceans” and “seaweeds” that starts to grow on the surface of bags in no time!
2. Enhanced Strength and Durability
It is an important fact to understand that due to the constant heavy sea waves, the sand bag material along with the thread is prone to heavy abrasion. In order to address this issue we have used heavy abrasion resistant and super strong thread which has strength of 59,000cN. This thread is also UV stabilized and known to be the highest abrasion resistant and strongest thread available on earth. Bag materials are purpose-built in Italy, with a special UV cover and made out of 1000 gsm Virgin Quality high tenacity polypropylene fabric that has a strength of 70,000N/m which is extremely strong and durable.
3. Heavy Wave Resistance
Thanks to the special bag design, wave pressure is perfectly absorbed when a “Sand Bag Revetment or a dam” is built.
4. Not Lost in Tides
The bags will not get washed away by heavy waves over time, as each bag contains 1 to 6 tons sand.
5. Well Balanced with Optimal Ground Friction
The bottom of a sandbag, take the shape of the ground surface so it will adjust itself to any type of surface optimizing its balance and friction with the ground.
6. Cost Effectiveness
When compared with other existing solutions such as rock boulder applications for coastal protections, WAVEPLUS is very economical.
7. Easily Transportable with Installation Assistance
Very easy to transport because filling is done at site. We dispatch our product along with the technical expertise to help out with the installation to ensure correct and efficient usage of the product.
8. Easy Bag Closing Method
The bag closing method has become very simple due to the special bag design.