Due to longer hours in the office and longer commute times, we’re spending more time indoors and away from the natural world – therefore exposure to nature has never been more important than it is today. What this means is that we’re missing the essential psychological and physiological benefits that exposure to trees, fresh air, mountains, and bodies of water provide us with. But thanks to the modern concept of “Biophilia”, which evolves around our natural desire to connect with nature and the fact that that we are both mentally & physically healthier when we’re connected with nature, there’s an inherent desire for humans to be bound to nature. This is when Biophilic Design, the practice of incorporating nature and natural elements into the built environment comes in. Modern workplaces are actively enhancing their environments by integrating a variety of biophilic features such as green walls, plants, natural light, woods, stone and water to mimic the natural world. We at Skytech, with our unique set of eco-friendly products which are suited for both domestic & commercial environments, aim to increase exposure to nature to make people — and the planet — healthier, happier and safer as a whole.