Our Technology

1. High Strength & Longer Durability

SkyGrow Vertical Gardens are made out of specially engineered, UV resistant, high tenacity fabric made in Italy, stitched by us with high strength outdoor thread, which is also resistant to UV rays.

Further these fabric panels are reinforced with a specially designed galvanized steel structure. Therefore, the durability of SkyGrow Vertical Garden Solutions are probably the highest in the market.

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2. Breathable Pot

The fabric selected for the products offers the best permeability. Therefore, the root structure receives sufficient air from entire wall system, unlike in plastic pots. Thus, pot soil does not require to be loosened frequently. This helps branching out the roots better, enabling the plants in SkyGrow Vertical Gardens to flourish with fibrous roots that allow better absorption making plants to grow faster and healthier.

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3. Efficient Water Drainage

SkyGrow fabric vertical garden solutions are designed to easily drain out the excess water through its highly permeable fabric pot walls system. Thus, excess water is never retained to disturb the healthy root growth.

Conventional plastic pots however, do not transfer the excess water this efficiently and in most cases pot holes also get blocked from the compressed pot soil or overgrown roots, damaging the root structure.

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4. Better Heat Insulation

The air barrier created by the thick fabric wall blocks the outside heat getting transferred to the pot soil and root structure. Whereas in conventional plastic pots, outside heat get absorbed into the pot wall and get transferred to the soil damaging the root structure.

Better Heat Insulation

SkyGrow vertical gardens are designed to work with Drip Irrigation system in order to control the water within the entire plant structure.

Automation or the drip irrigation system is optional.

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6. Unlimited Flexibility for Unlimited Shapes & Design Options

Thanks to the unique fabric wall panels, SkyGrow can be customised to match any curved or straight design.

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Soil can be inserted direct into the fabric pot, this method is ideal for Vertical Gardens with natural sunlight and permanent drip irrigation system.

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Ideal for interior green walls where natural sunlight or drip irrigation system is not available

  • Reduces the soil work within the site premises
  • Enhances the efficiency of plant installation process
  • Allows well settled plants to appear on the SkyGrow green wall from the day one
  • Easy to maintain and to keep back-up plants
Efficient Method of Installation and Maintenance
9. Natural Soil Conditioner

We supply all SkyGrow Vertical Garden solutions with sufficient 100% natural coco-peat briquettes made by us. Coco-peat helps convert any type of soil to a growable soil making it possible to maintain an optimum level of water and air within the pot soil.

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